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Dear DiNet user,

The security certificate which DiNet uses to provide secure, encrypted communications is due to expire on Saturday, 4th November 2023. (Serial number: {0211b6ee8e991a9a3f1bc3fee55bed0c})

To reduce the impact on customers, DiNet has provided new 5 year certificate which is now available to download using this link. (Serial number: {3388562425d8719e4062b3bf4ab19d9a})

 PLEASE NOTE: This certificate update affects all customers using a secure connection to DiNet (SFTP, OFTP2, AS2) and you will need to make changes to your software in order to accommodate this new certificate.

For customers sending to DiNet: This new certificate will be active in DiNet from 10am Monday, 4th September 2023, along with the existing certificate to provide time for you to test and implement the new certificate.

For DiNet sending to customers: This new certificate will be active from 10am Wednesday, 4th October 2023. You must have implemented this new certificate by this date.

Customers must ensure they have implemented the new certificate before 10am Wednesday, 4th October 2023 for all secured connections with DiNet or you will not be able to exchange messages with DiNet after this date.

DiNet OFTP and AS2 connection names using this certificate are listed for reference below.


DiNet AS2 Name: DINETAS2


Customers using Data Interchange products may use the following ‘How To’ documents downloads for step by step instructions on updating the certificate.

               Odex: How To: Odex Certificate Renewal

               Darwin: How To: Darwin Certificate Renewal



If you are using AS2 connection with DiNet, please also ensure you have repointed your DiNet AS2 connection to the DiNet AS2 in Azure end point and allowed access through your firewall for the DiNet Azure IP addresses detailed below. All DiNet AS2 services were migrated to Azure earlier this year. The DiNEt  legacy AS2 services will be terminated with this certificate change as of 10am Wednesday, 4th October 2023

Thank you,

DiNet Support Team

Legacy DiNet AS2 end point

Legacy DiNet AS2 IP Addresses

Current DiNet Azure

AS2 End point

Current DiNet Azure AS2 IP Addresses












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